Friday, April 6, 2007

English Updates April 6, 2007 CN+ (Jan.07) and Archive

Classroom Notes Plus. January 2007.
Writing..... Research..... How organize a research paper, using the computer? AdaptPower Point to present research paper. N Reed and X Chen. CN+ (Jan. 07), 9-15.

Literature..... Censorship..... Who should choose what children should see on TV? V-chip means government selection. Hamlet's sword play might be the victim of a V-chip. Leave selection to parents. DLN (Jul. 14, 95), A12.

Literature..... Censorship..... What's wrong with adult entertainment? Adult entertainment prohibited because it brings with it crime, drugs and prostitution. DLN (Mar. 23, 95), D5.

Literature..... Censorship..... How deal with hateful ideas? Hateful ideas must be allowed. Only way to respond to these hateful ideas is to counter them. Judith Rodin. U. of P. Inq. (Mar. 6, 95), A9.

Literature..... Censorship..... Are children influenced by viewing TV? Children are influenced by program content, just as children are influenced by advertising. Cal Thomas. DLN (Mar. 3, 95), A11.

Literature..... Censorship..... Is there an ulterior issue in censorship? The issue was censorship. The real issue was a feud between the student and the teachers. Inq. (Mar. 3, 95), B1/B6.

Literature..... Censorship..... What is one cause of censorship among college newspapers or magazines? Any negative remarks about groups will lead to suspension of college magazines. In this case, Haitians. Inq. (Mar. 2, 95), B1/B4.

Literature..... Censorship..... Who can define community morals? Minister wants to define community morals. Inq. (Mar. 2, 95), cc4.

Literature..... Censorship..... What is the justification for teaching Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye? 9th and 12th graders mature enough for its explicit sexuality and excessively vulgar language? English department: Raise student awareness of African-American issues and encourage intellectual discussion of issues of race, rape, incest and violence. Inq. (Apr. 27, 95), B5.

Literature..... Censorship..... How can dangerous information be put responsibly on the Internet? Freedom to put dangerous information--bomb-making equipment--on the Internet. With freedom must come responsibility. Inq. (Apr. 25, 95), B2.

Speaking..... Civilized..... Bank has banned 90 "uncivilized" sentences, including: "I don't know"; "Can't you see I'm busy?" "Wait over there"; "If you don't like it talk to the manager." Inq. (Apr. 25, 95), B7.

Literature..... Censorship..... Does talk-radio inflame action? Or does talk-radio make action less likely? Inq. (Apr. 25, 95), A7.

Literature..... Censorship..... How can hate speech be used responsibly? Hate speech can have consequences. Must take responsibility. Inq. (Apr. 25, 95), A19.

Literature..... Censorship..... How is rhetoric different from incitement? Fine line between rhetoric and incitement. Inq. (Apr. 25, 95), A8.

DLN = West Chester, PA, Daily Local News. Inq.= Philadelphia Inquirer. CN+ = Classroom Notes Plus.

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