Sunday, June 10, 2007

English Journal. May 2007.

A couple of interesting ideas in this issue on student journalism and plagiarism.

Speaking.... Critical Thinking..... The key to critical thinking lies in formal debate. D Hooley. EJ (May 07), 18-19.

Curriculum..... Discipline..... If you're going to have rules you need to give the reasons. CM Vettraino. EJ (May 07), 26.

Writing..... Journalism..... Student newspaper adviser: require solid objective news story before allowing opinion piece. J Ewell. EJ (May 07), 32.

Writing..... Journalism..... Guidelines for student reporters: What do I already know abut this? Where can I go to verify what I have heard? What background information do I need? Who else should I talk to? Where else can I go for expert information--locally or online? What specific questions will I ask in the interview? What follow-up questions can I predict? What form am I writing--news, feature, staff editorial, column? J Ewell. EJ (May 07), p. 33.

Curriculum..... Extra-curricular..... Volunteer to advise an extra-curricular activity you like or the school will do it for you. WD Baker. EJ (May 07), 37.

Curriculum..... Interdisciplinary..... Ask teachers from other subjects to join you in working with English-related topics. L Williamson. EJ (May 07), 51-57.

Writing..... Plagiarism..... Is there a clear consensus on what constitutes plagiarism? PL Thomas. EJ (May 07), 82.

Writing..... Plagiarism..... Students--and teachers--need to define clearly with examples what plagiarism means to them. PL Thomas. EJ (May 07), 82-83.

Curriculum..... Global English..... Teaching English in other countries should begin with learning the culture of the country. S Prosek. EJ (May 07), 98-101.

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