Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking. “The purpose of much political speech is to keep listeners from thinking clearly…. ‘The necessity of additional revenue enhancement to fund infrastructure upgrades’ = ‘new taxes to repair roads and bridges.’ ”C Leddy. The Writer. (Feb. 08), 9. [RayS. I intend to make a list of phrases that do not clearly express meaning.]

Critical Thinking. Rattskiss is an acronym for how to read critically. Riter’s’ background. Analyze (circle sentences that state main points). Tone (formal, casual, nostalgic, satirical, whimsical). Topic. K and I (controlling idea). Synthesize (hidden idea). Scrutinize (fallacies, etc.) S Snair. English Journal. (Jan. 08), 52-55. [RayS. Of course "RATTSKISS will catch the students' attention, but I like the attempt to show students how systematically to analyze a piece of material that aims to persuade.]

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