Monday, March 17, 2008

Ideas from The Writer Magazine

The Writer magazine contains articles written by published writers for writers. Although the editors do not explicitly say so, its mission is to encourage struggling writers not to be discouraged. The monthly magazine is chock full of news about writing, articles on how to write—including all genres—and information about where to publish. I find the magazine to be a cheerful, cheering and helpful companion piece in my own struggling writing career. RayS.

I found the following ideas of interest to me in The Writer for March 2008.

Writing Process: The writing process for fiction or nonfiction does not always start at the beginning.” M King. The Writer (March 08), 8.

Interviews: “I want my ‘I’ and my ear to be eager, open and attentive. I want to forget my own narrow views and give myself—my intelligence and spirit—over to my subject.” D Ritz. The Writer (Mar. 93). Reprinted in The Writer (March 08), 8.

Style: “Proper words in proper places, make the true definition of a style.” Jonathan Swift from a letter in 1720. Reprinted in The Writer (March 08), 10.

Technical Writing: “But while technology will always be changing, the reason for technical writing stays constant: to make the complex simple.” J Carr. The Writer (March 08), 13.

Pen Name: Why consider pen names when publishing? For privacy and safety. To get very personal. To explore different genres. For maximum marketability (makes an author more noticeable). For pragmatic gender bending (when a female name might cause an editor to consider that technical writing can’t be done by a woman, for example). To address a problem of overexposure. To find anonymity. C Dray. The Writer (March 08), 16.

Clich├ęs: “Avoid hackneyed expressions…like the plague.” M. Kurland. The Writer (March 08), 19. [A sidebar in an article on word choice. The author is being cute. RayS.].

Pre-writing: Write a “sketch” of your article, short story or novel. Brief. Like a preliminary study. B Krasner. The Writer (March 08), 33.

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