Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Critical Thinking

The purpose of this blog is to share interesting ideas I have found in American professional publications dealing with the teaching of English at all levels, elementary, secondary and college.

Topic: The Daily News Show with Jon Stewart

Title: “The Daily News Show with Jon Stewart: Part 2.” James Trier. Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy (April 2008), 600-605. [A publication of the International Reading Association]

Summary: The author analyzes the satiric material in The Daily News Show with Jon Stewart as a way of teaching critical thinking. Two techniques that Jon Stewart “turns on their journalistic [standard TV] news heads” are the sound bite usually wiped clean of grammar mistakes, etc. and the objective, unemotional point of view of the commentators. He also analyzes technological devices like interviewing President Bush by taking snippets from many different videos from many different sources and using them as answers to Stewart’s interviewing questions. The author offers sources on the Net for material to use in the classroom.

Comment: I'm afraid that until now, I have never seen the show. After reading this article I will explore the sources of material available on the Internet and I will try viewing the show. Sounds like an intelligent send up of TV news journalism. RayS.

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