Friday, June 13, 2008

Finding Ideas for Writing

The purpose of this blog is to share interesting ideas I have found in recent American professional publications dealing with the teaching of English at all levels, elementary, secondary and college.

Topic: Finding Ideas

Title: “Find a New Perspective.” The Writer. Michele Acker (July, 2008), 28-29. The Writer is a magazine by writers for writers. Its goal is to keep the writer’s spirits up.

Summary: The author says you need to get out of your rut. Take a different way home. Shop at a store you have never shopped in before. Pay attention to what you see. Take a course or two or look at the programs on the History Channel, Discovery Channel or some channel you never before thought of viewing. Hang out at the mall or Starbucks and observe the people around you. Take day- or week-end trips. Helps keep the “creative fires burning.”

Comment: Worth a try. RayS.

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