Monday, July 7, 2008

Topic: Early Reading Difficulties and Technology

Title: “Independent Reading of CD-Rom Storybooks: Measuring Comprehension with Oral Retellings.” Cathy J. Pearman. The Reading Teacher (May 2008), 594-602. A publication of the International Reading Association.

Summary: “In sum, the support offered by the multisensory features of CD-Rom storybooks has the potential to enhance comprehension for students who are struggling with acquiring the skills necessary for the reading process.” p. 602.

Comment: The addition of pictures and sound to CD-Rom storybooks will help struggling readers to learn to read. Worth thinking about. Caveat: The CD-Rom with its multi-sensory features might help the struggling readers comprehend the story on this particular CD-Rom, but will it help them learn to read independently without the aid of the multi-sensory features? RayS.

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