Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Standardized Tests

10-second review: Teaches a unit on standardized tests.

Title: “Reading Tests as a Genre Study.” M Hornof. Reading Teacher (September 2008), 69-73. A publication of the International Reading Association (IRA).

Summary: Teachers analyze the test. They take it themselves and note how they completed it They score the test. They ask students what they know about the test. Students had mistaken beliefs about it. Go over the vocabulary of the test, i.e., the words used in the directions. Students were confused by words like “selection” and “No. 2 pencil.” Model test-taking strategies. Analyze the answers with the class. Debrief: Ask students, “What did you like about the test?” Have students write out advice to others on taking the test. Keep the unit short (two weeks). Unit was taught to third graders.

Comment: Interesting sequence of activities. RayS.

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