Thursday, November 6, 2008

Topic: Kindergartners, Pretend Stories from Books and Comprehension

10-second review: Kindergartners retell stories that have been read to them and by using props act out scenes from the story.

Title: “Playing Within and Beyond the Story: Encouraging Book-Related Pretend Play. JG Welsch. Reading Teacher (October 2008), 138-148. A publication of the International Reading Association.

Summary: Teachers read stories to the kindergarten students. Students then, as a group, re-tell the story. Next, the teachers distribute props to the students who act out scenes from the story. Improves the children’s comprehension of the story.

Comment: Sounds like fun for children and adults. I remember when my wife and I gave props to our two young daughters one boring Sunday afternoon in January. They acted out “Red Riding Hood.” Even though the girls are adults now, they still remember when we made a movie of “Little Red Riding Hood.” Much of their dialogue was improvised. RayS.

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