Monday, December 1, 2008

Topic: Interviews

10-second review: Consider sending questions before the interview.

Title: "9 Ways to Make the Most of the Writer/Publicist Relationship.” Debbe Geiger. The Writer (December 2008), 38-39. The Writer is a magazine by writers for writers.

Summary: “Submitting a list of your interview questions may help in certain situations—if the subject is controversial or if the person being interviewed needs clear directions of your intent, or must prepare by researching the specifics of a subject.” p. 39.

On a related topic: Interview by e-mail. “…e-mail interviews are usually not the preferred way to go. First, busy professionals don’t have time to respond. Nor do they write as well as fresh quotes will sound. And, you lose the opportunity to ask questions that arise from your conversation…. For the most part, request a phone interview. You’re more likely to get on the person’s schedule, and your article will be better, too.” p. 39.

Comment: I continue to learn about effective interviews. RayS.

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