Monday, August 23, 2010

Topic: Advice about Writing

Purpose of this blog: Reviews of interesting ideas in recent English education journals.

Topic: Advice about Writing.

10-second review: Stop worrying about past failures and rejections and imagined hopes.

Title: “What Writers Can Learn from Professional Athletes.” BD Diggs. The Writer (September 2010), 12.

Quote: “Stay in the present. Athletes who allow past failures and future worries to intrude on their game hinder their performance. When writing [Jim Taylor, author of the Triathlete’s Guide to Mental Training] says, clear your mind of past rejections and future hopes.”

Comment: As constantly stressed by coaches in every sport, half the game is talent. The other half is mental. Past failures and future hopes are distractions from writing. Can be said of almost any profession involving performance. RayS.

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