Thursday, December 16, 2010

Topic: Holding Class Outdoors

10-second review: The whole world is your classroom. When the author realized that he did much of his writing while jogging, mental writing, that is, especially invention and organizing, he began to see the value of changing from the computer-screen-centered classroom to the great outdoors.

Summary: For beginning writers, he gives an assignment before the students walk, observe and write, then for the second half of the class, they gather to share what they have written.

Comment: Addresses a reality about writing. Some writers write while they shave. Some while they complete the routine chores of housework. I think we need to emphasize that writing does not take place only in front of a computer screen. Thinking about writing can take place anywhere. RayS.

Title: “Can We Have Class Outside?” PW Moe. Teaching English in the Two-year College (September 2010), 81-82.

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