Monday, May 9, 2011


Question: What can be learned from using different translations of a work translated into English?

Answer/Quote: “I have a student to thank for helping me to discover a strategy that motivates students to pay attention to the choices at a writer’s disposal. We have an unusual opportunity for rich and organic language analysis lessons when we teach texts in translation. No such opportunities exist when we study literature originally  written in English, but the experience gained through comparing multiple translations of literary text greatly affect our ability to analyze the singular choices of an author in English.” P. 64.

Comment: The teacher’s purpose in comparing texts in translation was to help students learn how a writer’s choices in language differ. Again, reading the entire article will answer the reader's many questions about this technique. The author also lists texts that are available in multiple translations. RayS.

Title: “Found in Translation: Using Multiple Versions of Translated Text for Close Analysis of Language.” Paul Larochelle. English Journal (March 2011), pp. 61-64.

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