Thursday, August 9, 2012


Question: Should I revise as I write?

Answer/Quote: “In revision, there are two camps: revise as you go, or get it all out and revise later. Robert Olen Butler, author of From Where You Dream: The Process of Writing Fiction, stresses the importance of revising as you go. His reasoning is that each detail must work with everything else in the story, and it’s not possible to move forward until you have those details set.

“Some writers may take this approach with bigger chunks of text, rather than revising sentence by sentence. Revising a chapter or a scene can help you clarify your intentions in those passages before moving forward.” P. 7.

Comment: With shorter material, I don’t revise until I finish the draft. With my book, I think I should have used the author’s recommended approach of revising larger chunks. I might have made fewer mistakes in my final copy. RayS.

Title: “Should I revise as I write?” Brandi Reissenweber. The Writer (August 2012), 7.

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