Thursday, September 20, 2007

College English (CE). September 2007.

Some ideas on teaching English from College English, September 2007, a publication of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE).

How should we deal with plagiarism?
Leave out the anger. AE Robillard. CE (Sep. 07), 10-31.

What is the subject of composition?
Students have no trouble answering this question in biology and history, but they have difficulty answering it in composition. MR Boland. CE (Sep. 07), 32.

What was the role of Louise Rosenblatt in the reading of literature?
"She challenged the major theories and theorists of literary theory of the time and attempted to turn literary studies in a new direction. She did so by demonstrating the relevance to the study of literature of the human reader...." E A Flynn. CE (Sep. 07), 68.

What should college English consist of?
It's many things--literature, linguistics, creative writing, rhetoric, composition. We need to unite them all in a coordinated principle, see the parts as part of a whole. Northrop Frye. Author suggests rhetorical functions, poetic functions and referential functions. F D'Angelo, CE (Sep. 07), 89.

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