Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Reading Teacher. September 2007.

Some ideas on teaching reading and English from The Reading Teacher (RT), September 2007, a publication of the International Reading Association.

What is needed for student achievement in reading?
Focus on just three factors: motivation to learn; high expectations; time on task. D Fisher and N Frey. RT (Sept. 07), 323-43.

How teach economics to primary-grade children?
Through children's trade books, of which there are quite a few. Article lists titles. YV Rodgers. RT (Sept. 07), 46-55.

How help children develop personal global friendships?
Pen pals. http://www.epals.com/; http://www.ks-connection.org/. http://www.kidlink.org/. http://www.ipfs.org/. MA Barksdale, et al. RT (Sept. 07), 58-68.

What are some strategies for improving vocabulary and reading?
Generate synonyms, antonyms and other words related to the new word--better than writing the word in a sentence. Encourage students to think out loud as they read. Write a summary paragraph. R Boulware-Gouden, et al. RT (Sept. 07), 70-77. [RayS: I especially like the suggestions on vocabulary. Thinking out loud as the student reads could give insight into how the student reads. Writing a summary paragraph is ALWAYS a good idea.]

What are some examples of ineffective vocabulary instruction?
Giving students definitions. Writing words in a sentence. SR Gill. RT (Sept. 07), 78.

Other topics: The problem of Arabic speaking students and reading in American schools. Problems with literature circles.

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