Friday, May 8, 2009

Topic: Classroom as Community

10-second review: I don’t know if this article is very helpful. But I’ll summarize it. When students learned how to crochet, they came together as a community.

Title: "The 42nd Crochet: Getting Students hooked into a Literacy Community.” M Boyd and S Kneller. Reading Teacher (January 2009), 434-440. A publication of the International Reading Association (IRA).

Summary: How organize a second-grade classroom into a community? Through crocheting as a method for developing fine motor control for improving handwriting, the students began to help each other, came together as a group.

Comment: Frankly, I never thought of crocheting as a way to develop fine motor skills, but the article has a deeper purpose—teaching how students can work together as a community.

My concern is that people on the outside, including parents, will not understand that crocheting supports the development of handwriting skills or language arts skills or the importance of developing an understanding of community.

If we can connect crocheting to reading, writing, etc., then other projects might be used to make language arts a means of interrelating the curriculum, including disciplines other than language arts, and in creating a classroom community. I think this idea is worth thinking about. RayS.

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