Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Topic: Shared Research--University Researchers and Practitioners

10-second review: University researcher and high school English teacher collaborated on planning and implementing a teacher-education course.

Title: “Co-Learning Agreements in Research and Teaching: Another Approach to Collaboration in Teacher Education.” D Zigo and RD Derrico. English Education (January 2009), 135-157. English Education is the NCTE’s publication on teacher education.

Summary: The co-researchers were able to discern the problems in implementing the program they had planned, but they grew as both researchers and teachers.

Comment: I applaud the researchers’ honesty in evaluating what they were doing. It wasn’t easy to admit mistakes and shortcoming in their favorite ideas, but they did: “The manifestations of our work together in teaching and research will hopefully demonstrate to students and colleagues our unflagging commitment to a stance in language arts and teacher education that Bob Fecho calls ‘a practice in process, in a continual state of learning.’ ”

In other words, the researchers found what they should find in completing research—what works and doesn’t work, promising ideas, practices that have problems, and a continuing commitment to learning while they teach. In my opinion, this article is another step forward in improving education. RayS.

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