Friday, June 26, 2009

Topic: Trailers to Promote Books

10-second review: You’ve seen trailers for movies. Publishers and bookstores are producing trailers for books to encourage people to read them.

Title: “Publishers Roll Out Book Trailers.” The Writer (May 2009), 8. The Writer is a magazine by writers for writers.

Summary/Quote: “As with movie previews, book trailers give the audience a taste of the book in the hope that they will want more. They are becoming a common marketing tool on sites such as You Tube, My Space and publishers’ Web sites.” p. 8.

“A section on Barnes and Noble’s Web Site includes trailers for classics like Gone with the Wind or excerpts from Huckleberry Finn read by well-known authors…. Borders plays book trailers on TV screens in its book stores.” p. 8.

Comment: A no-brainer. Beats book reports. Students write and film book trailers that entice other students to read the books. However, I checked out some examples on the Internet and they did not impress me. First, the background music was too loud and intrusive, distracting me from the pictures and the text. The pictures destroyed my imagination with regard to the characters and the setting. Too real. The text was wiped away before I could read even half of it. I think the idea of the book trailer is worth expending some creativity on producing one, but the ones I have seen as examples did not sell me on the books they were promoting.

Individuals can create their own book trailers by sampling novels and nonfiction which lead to readers’ becoming immersed in reading. If my readers are interested in this concept of sampling, write to me at and I will give you some details of how to sample or preview reading materials. RayS.

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