Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Topic: Writing and Publishing

10-second review: Some plain thoughts about writing and publishing by a published writer.

Title: “The Novel’s Cure Was In Throwing Most of It Out.” Peter Baird. The Writer (May 2009), 14. The Writer is a magazine by writers for writers.


“Don’t ask nice people to critique your work. Find the bluntest bastard you don’t know to do that.”

“When you finish the day’s writing, set it aside, leave it alone, and let your unconscious do its work.”

“You will get more from writing than you will from publishing.”

“After publication, you will learn more about the cold winds of commerce than you ever wanted to know.”

Comment: For me, Baird’s thoughts on writing and publishing are thought-provoking. He published the novel Beyond Pelelieu about his father’s return from WWII “involving depression, alcoholism and violence.” Pelelieu was a horrific WWII battle. RayS.

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