Monday, August 17, 2009

Topic: Communication and Doctors

Topic: Communication and Medical Personnel

10-second review: Suggestions for improving communication between patients and medical personnel.

Title: “Communicating with Health-Care Workers Takes Effort.” Kathleen Begley. West Chester, PA, Daily Local News (Sunday, July 19, 2009), B1-B3.

Summary: Recognize that doctors are heavy on science and light on working with people. They are impatient with long stories. Organize yourself in advance. Make lists, most important to least important. Body language counts—make eye contact. Take notes. Invite a companion along to ask questions in an unemotional manner. Tell the truth—including your heavy drinking. Blood tests will reveal it anyway. Not being truthful will postpone needed treatment. Be nice. Difficult for anyone to remain positive when facing a continued negative attitude. Doctors are people too.

Comment: This is good advice and I need to remember and refer to it. One caveat: doctors in Pennsylvania can take away your driver’s license. You need to be aware of that if you reveal personal information—like heavy drinking. RayS.

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