Friday, August 28, 2009

Topic: Reading Aloud Marathon

10-second review: Students read aloud, one by one, some in pairs, Kerouac’s On the Road throughout the day and into the night. When one student finished reading aloud, another took over. Some read well, some poorly. They all became involved in the book.

Title: “ ‘Ripples in the Upside-Down Lake of the World’: A Read-Aloud Marathon.” D Iasevoli. English Journal (July 2009), 74-78. A publication of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE).

Quote: “…a celebration of the life that we, as students of literature, put into printed matter. On October 21, we made some words fly off the page. High school seniors were able to forget, for a few hours that day, that they were responsible for getting something out of their books. Instead, they lived with the book, in the book’s time, or it became a part of them, of their hearts and minds, as they read within a group of readers.”

Quote: “It transformed the school setting for them. By the time students have entered high school, they read (and, to a lesser degree, also write) as lone minds…. But as these seniors experienced, when their eyes dissolved with too many words, their egos also dissolved and they joined in a community play with words.”

Comment: This was spontaneous reading aloud. I understand its purpose. Still, I think there is room for a more structured marathon. That way students can practice before reading aloud. An interesting idea. RayS.

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