Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Topic: Performing Shakespearean Scenes

10-second review: Methods of Preparing Students to Read Shakespearean Scenes with Meaning.

Title: “Words, Words, Words: Reading Shakespeare with English Language Learners.” C Porter. English Journal (September 2009), 44 – 49. The secondary school publication of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE).

Summary of Steps to Take in Preparing Students to Perform Shakespearean Scenes

Give key lines on index cards, one line to a student, from Act One of the play. Students try to anticipate what the play will be about.

Have students pantomime scene from the play.

Students create story boards of scenes in the play.

Students volunteer to read the scene aloud. Don’t force students to read the scene aloud if they are uncomfortable doing so.

The students next discuss the interpretation of the meaning of different speeches in the scene.

Students research and discuss archaic words, using Open Source Shakespeare (http://www.opensourceshakespeare.org).

Work with students on the appropriate tone of voice in reading or performing the lines.

Comment: Interesting sequence of activities in preparing students to read aloud or perform Shakespearean scenes with meaning. RayS.

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