Friday, October 2, 2009

Topic: Print and Online Journals.

10-second review: In the June 2009 issue of College Composition and Communication, the editors print the beginnings of two essays. At the conclusion of these short beginnings, they suggest that readers go to the online edition of the journal to read the complete essay at, “The Extended CCC.”

: Why not print the entire essay? I suppose that this approach to the uncompleted essays is a gimmick to meld the print and online editions of the journal. I don’t get it. The two mediums are different. With print, I can preview, skim and scan easily by flipping the pages, underline while I am reading and annotate in the margins. Online, my reading is similar to reading a scroll, which early writers and readers discovered centuries ago was more easily done with pages. For me, it’s harder to jump to the essence of the idea online than with printed pages. For whatever my opinion is worth. RayS.

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