Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Topic: Good Teachers

10-second review: Lorenza Lara is the Secondary Literacy Coordinator for the Denver (Colorado) Public Schools, with 16 high schools and 16 middle schools. She suggests one characteristic of a good teacher.

Title: “Literacy Instruction for Adolescent English Learners: An Interview with Lorenza Lara.” David W. Moore. Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy (October 2009), 173-175.

Quote. Lorenza Lara: “I believe that educators who continually question the effectiveness of what they are doing in the classroom are the ones who eventually become master teachers. They are the ones who continually look for answers to complex questions through investigation and evaluation. They are the educators who see teaching and learning as a lifetime commitment.” p. 175.

Comment; One of my regrets as a retired language arts supervisor was my failing to encourage teachers to engage in action research. RayS.

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