Monday, November 30, 2009

Topic: Literacy Leaders

10-second review: What is a literacy leader? people who believe that reading is a joyful activity that enriches lives. They continue to grow in their own reading.

Title: “Teachers as Literacy Leaders.” JD Turner, et al. Reading Teacher (November 2009), 254-256. A publication of the International Reading Association (IRA).

Quote: “Literacy leaders seek to challenge their students to think deeply about what they read, for the depth of their thinking is the pathway to intellectual growth.”

Comment: Reading is thinking. Teachers must use reading to stimulate their own thought. And they must convey that same spirit to their students. It is not enough to read. You have to think and reflect on what you read. Unless teachers can convey that spirit to their students, students will never love reading. Reading is ideas. Reflecting and thinking about those ideas will keep students reading. RayS.

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