Monday, December 7, 2009

Topic: Online Feedback on Writing vs. Paper-Based Feedback

10-second review: The study involves foreign students trying to learn English. First-year college students who received feedback on their errors in writing when using an online annotator versus those who received paper-based feedback. Finds that students receiving online feedback performed significantly better on recognizing errors than students receiving paper-based feedback.

Title: “Using Online Annotations to Support Error Correction and Corrective Feedback.” SW Yeh and JJ Lo. Computers and Education, 52 (4), 832-842, 2009.

Comment: In this brief summary, nothing is said about the nature of the contents of the online annotations.

However, I picked out this piece of research for another reason. Some people feel that simply using the computer motivates students in a way that they are not motivated by traditional paper/pencil practices. This study seems to support that contention. Simply using a computer motivates. RayS.

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