Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Topic: Interview Killers.

10-second review: In today’s (2009) terrible job market, avoid behaviors that will kill your chances for the job.

Title: “Avoid These Interview Killers.” Diana Middleton. Wall Street Journal (November 16, 2009), Internet.

Summary: The basics. Don’t arrive late for the interview and don’t trash your previous employers. Other slip-ups: Don’t become too familiar with the interviewer. Don’t dress provocatively. Turn off the cell phone during an interview. Don’t ask about vacation or working from home too early in the interview and don’t ask about salary unless the interviewer brings it up first. Don’t use clichés like “dream job” or “thinking outside the box.” With the latter, do it rather than say it. Enter the interview with something in your hand like a notebook or your résumé to avoid looking awkward. Typos on your résumé will probably mean instant rejection. And the thank-you after the interview should be a simple e-mail or brief statement on a card. No balloons, etc.

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