Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Topic: How Teens Use Media

10-second review: 25 % read newspaper. 83% use text-messaging, sending or receiving an average of 2,899 text messages per month. They view an annual average of 31.4 movies compared to the average of 25.3 for all other groups. Advertisers spend $240 million for ads in 14 teen magazines with apparel and beauty ads being the top two product areas. Says that preferred TV shows and Websites are not all that different from adult preferences.

Title: “How Teens Use Media.” The Nielsen Company. June 2009. Internet.

Comment: The one statistic that jumps out at me is the 25% of teens who read newspapers. I think we need to consider working more with newspapers in the classroom, but the decline in the number of articles in today’s (2009) newspapers perhaps has helped to make today’s newspapers less appealing, so what’s the use? Why bother? Compare TV coverage with newspaper coverage of issues? And don’t forget the availability of the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post and the New York Times on the Internet. RayS.

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