Thursday, March 10, 2011


Question: What Is Revision?

Answer/Quote: “Hillocks explains the challenge of revision by invoking Marlene Scardamalia and Carl Bereiter, who he says ‘argue that the failure to revise might lie with problems in the production system. Their model posits an ‘executive routine’ for switching from generating text to assessing it. However, because writing is so complex, making the switch from generating to critiquing may be very difficult for children’ ” p. 111.

“He [Hillocks] reduces the revision process to three distinct types: adding, cutting and rearranging.” P. 111.

Comment: A couple of god ideas about the nature of revision. For the latter idea, “adding, cutting and rearranging,” see my book, Teaching English, How To…. Xlibris, 2004, p. 109: “We cross out, substitute, add and try different combinations of words….” RayS.

Review of Narrative Writing: Learning a New Model for Teaching. George Hillocks, Jr. Portsmouth: Heinemann. 2007. 164 pp. Reviewed by Susan R Krickovich and David A. Gorlewski in “Research for the Classroom.” Julie Gorlewski, ed. English Journal (January 2011), pp. 109-11

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