Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Question: Why is autism now one of the popular problems in the public consciousness and in education?


April 2, 2008, the First World Autism Awareness Day, sponsored by the UN.

CNN devoted it entire day’s programming to discussions of Autism on the same day.

Recent documentary films: Autism Every Day. Autism: The Musical. Her Name is Sabine.

2009: Feature film: Adam.

2010: HBO, a biopic on Temple Grandin.

NBC: Parenthood, a series about a family with an autistic child.

Ad space in USA Today.

Multi-year Autism Speaks television campaign, compares autism incidence with statistics on lightning strikes, car crashes, and the likelihood of becoming a professional athlete AD Council.

Corporations like Barnes and Noble, Toys R Us, Lindt Chocolates and Starbucks have promoted the fight against autism.

2010: NASCAR’s first Autism Speaks 400 stock car race.

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Title: “Autism and Rhetoric.” Paul Heliker and Melanie Yergeau. College English (May 2011), 485-497.

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