Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Drama in the Classroom

Question: What are the results on achievement tests when drama activities are integrated into social studies and language arts classes in grades 4 and 5?

Answer/Quote: “The results on standardized achievement tests…which integrated drama into the teaching of social studies and language arts in grades 4 and 5, indicate that the integration of the arts into these subject areas contributed significantly to students’ achievement in language arts.” 365.

“Each integrated arts lesson explored a section of text taken from one of the novels through the use of theater games, scenery design activities, process drama, improvisation, script writing and enactment.” 366.

“Acting and understanding the characters; directing and understanding theme, plot and character relationships; and script writing and dialogue.” P. 367.

Comment: The rest of the article explains how drama was integrated into the classes, usually in small steps. The article also develops further the rationale for the approach and activities. This is one of those articles that is too detailed to summarize. Check with to purchase. RayS.

Title: “When Achievement Data Meet Drama and Arts integration.” E Walker, C Tabone and G Weltsek. Language Arts (May 2011), 365-372.

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