Saturday, March 10, 2007

English Update March 10, 2007

Literature..... Censorship..... “We must protect the ideas we hate.” DLN (Dec. 28, 94), A6.

Literature..... Censorship..... Suggests that dismissal for moral reasons may extend to those who select the immoral books read in English class. DLN (Dec. 3, 94), A6.

Literature..... Censorship..... Education vs. indoctrination. Article written in connection with banning Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye at Morrisonville High School. Inq. (Dec. 6, 94), A15.

Literature..... Censorship..... Relationship between televised violence and social violence is thin. Inq. (Dec. 28, 94), A1/A10.

Literature..... Censorship..... Parents’ request to read aloud sections of book refused at West Chester School Board Meeting. Parents requested that books be rated as are movies. Inq. (Dec. 1, 94), cc2.

Literature..... Censorship..... Japanese are ardent consumers of violent porn but are one of the most law-abiding societies on earth. DLN (Dec. 14, 94), A12.

Literature..... Censorship..... Justification for controversial novels: strong themes can be discussed with adults in the “safe haven” of the schools. Arthur Applebee. DLN (Dec. 1, 94), A3.

Literature..... Censorship..... West Chester, PA, parents requested that overviews of books to be studied during the year be sent home so that they can determine their child’s participation. Inq. (Dec. 1, 94), cc2.

Literature..... Censorship..... West Chester, PA, panel to decide whether Lucy is too steamy for students Some teachers said they did not know the book would be required for all students. Inq. (Dec. 1, 94), cc9.

Literature..... Censorship..... Federal judge’s view that hate literature cannot be possessed by student because of school’s purpose to teach good citizenship. DLN (Dec. 31, 94), A1/A5.

Literature..... Censorship..... Title of editorial is usable: “Great Books Aren’t Polite.” Also points out the paradox that censors themselves have not been contaminated by the books they seek to ban. DLN (Dec. 30, 94), A10.

Literature..... Censorship..... Some signers of petition (28/185) to ban three multicultural books as pornographic written by female writers do not live in the West Chester School District. DLN (Dec. 1, 94), A3.

Literature..... Censorship..... Canada’s Butler Law defines pornography as harmful to women. Does not specify harmful characteristics, however. Not a censorship law, but a civil rights law. NYER (Oct. 2, 94), 76.

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