Sunday, March 4, 2007

English Update March 4, 2007

The Writer (April 2007).
Beginning your writing. “Always begin your story with a short, strong sentence.” WH Hills., p. 8.

Publishing “Then [1887 at the founding of The Writer] as now (alas), few writers got rich off their words.” C Leddy, Wrt (Apr. 07), p. 9.

Writer’s Block. Running is a way to generate ideas, according to Malcolm Gladwell of the New Yorker: "I explicitly use this time to work out writing problems.” K. Elde. Wrt (Apr. 07), p. 9.

Ideas for writing. Listen to others’ stories and write them. PM Avery, Wrt (Apr. 07), p. 16.

Writing process Most writers write in order to discover. R Bausch. Wrt (Apr. 07), p. 23.

Audience. “Readers shall take what they will or won’t; I can’t allow myself to worry about it. Truly, it’s just the story, telling the story with as much vividness and exactness and force as I can.” R Bausch. Wrt (Apr. 07), p. 25.

Writer’s block. Write a 1,000 word sentence without concern for punctuation, spelling, etc. J McCorkle. Wrt (Apr. 07), p. 28.

Writing exercise. Talk to another person for 20 minutes. then write a portrait of your partner. A Bloom. Wrt (Apr. 07), p. 29.

Pre-writing. Before beginning, decide on where and with whom and how you are going to do your research. S Gruen. Wrt (Apr. 07), pp. 30-33.

Form for writing. There is a difference between reports and stories. RP Clark, Wrt (Apr. 07), p. 42.

Organization for writing. Build your work around a key question. RP Clark. Wrt (Apr. 07), p. 44.

Publishing. “In some cases, writing the book is the easy part—selling it is what is truly challenging.” K. James-Enger, Wrt (Apr. 07), p. 50.

Teaching writing. Writing can be taught. The desire to write cannot be taught. R Rendell, Wrt (Apr. 07), p. 55.

Writing reviews. End a review of a book with the “best line” from the book. J Broderick, Wrt (Apr. 07), pp. 59-61.

How To write. “If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all—that’s read a lot and write a lot.” Stephen King, Wrt (Apr. 07), p. 60.

Pre-writing. Pay attention to letters to the editor of magazines—they’re your audience. H Hoff, Wrt (Apr. 07), p. 63.

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