Tuesday, July 31, 2007

College English. July 2007.

Some ideas of interest to RayS. from College English, July 2007, a publication of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE).

Scale of the value of each idea to RayS.

* Not much interest
** Some interest. I'll think about it.
*** Great interest.

What do we know about ghostwriting?
The author of this article on ghostwriting begins wih an anecdote concerning Congressman Dennis Kucinich, who, in 2003, criticized his colleagues for having their campaign biographies ghostwritten while he, Kucinich, had written his own. Kucinich concluded by asking, "Who's the President?" when the President's words are not his.

A mildly interesting article about the degree to which politicians, celebrities, institutions and even immigrants use the practice of ghostwriting. The author discusses methods of ghostwriting and ethical concerns and gives other details about the practice. A useful and up-to-date description of a practice that exists throughout America. D Brant. CE (Jul. 07), 549-571. **

What is the attitude of students in the Bible Belt toward writing?
Author taught five years in the Bible Belt and soon learned that her student writers had one goal--not to discuss, but to convert--their readers to their view of Christianity. The teacher was concerned because these students did not learn to adapt their writing to readers who disagreed with them. S. Carter. CE (Jul. 07), 572-595. **

What is the focus of today's college admission essays?
College admission essays have been encouraged to be relaxed and confessional. A Vidali. CE (Jul. 07), 615. **

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