Sunday, July 22, 2007

Language Arts. July 2007.

Some ideas from Language Arts. July 2007. A publication of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), focused on elementary education.

How use technology in education effectively?
Using technology in the same way books and paper are used is not using technology. L Crafton, et al. LA (Jul. 07), 517.

How write historical fiction?
Don Brown on writing historical fiction: it wasn't the research that did it. The story had to be entirely invented. D. Brown. LA (Jul. 07), 551.

What is wrong with bilingual education?
"Several states, including California, Massachusetts and Arizona, have sought to dismantle bilingual education. Such xenophobic policies try to force a one-size-fits-all pedagogy and curriculum on all students, regardless of cultural/ linguistic/ immigrant background." L Elk and E Garza. LA (Jul. 07), 561.

Tributes to Donald Murray:

Why should teachers exchange cultures with their students?
"Near the end of his career, Donald Murray offered to exchange cultural events with his students. He would pick out a cultural event for his students (Beaux Art Trio). They would pick out a cultural event for him [REM concert]--he remembers clouds of marijuana smoke. Thomas Newkirk concludes: "I'm not sure what effect it had on his students, but I suspect that his willingness to be open to their culture made them more ready to be open to his." T Newkirk. LA (Jul. 07), 547.

What did Donald Murray mean by the "writing process"?
"Don [Murray], Tom Newkirk and I [Donald H. Graves] began writing about the process of writing in the late 1970s. We proposed that in the beginning of any piece of writing, it is best to relax, don't edit too quickly, and then push through drafts to get to the other side." DH Graves. LA (Jul. 07), 562.

What can we learn about teaching writing and learning to write from Donald Murray?
"He [Donald Murray] treated us as peers. After all, as his column attests, he was still a student of writing himself--and learning about himself--right to the end." R Winslow. Wall Street Journal. LA (Jul. 07), 563.

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