Sunday, July 22, 2007

English Education. July 2007.

Some ideas from English Education, July 2007, a publication of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE).

What is the theme of this issue of English Education?
This issue of English Education is devoted to articles on using narrative or stories in educational research. D Schaafsma and R Vinz. EngEd (Jul. 07), 277-281.

What are the traditional dimensions of scholarly research to be included also in research involving narratives and stories?
Review of relevant literature and discussion of methodology. D Schaafsma, et al. EngEd (Jul. 07), 282.

What are some questions about using narratives or stories in educational research?
"How much narrating versus theorizing? How much showing versus telling? How much authorial presence versus straight reporting? .... What allows a story to be accepted as research? it credibility?" S Perl, et al. EngEd (Jul. 07), 306.

What are some conclusions to be drawn from these articles on using narratives or stories in educational research?
The use of narratives and stories in educational research leads to problems in interpretation, but keeps the conversation going. E Gordon, et al. EngEd (Jul. 07), 350.

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