Thursday, October 18, 2007

College English (CE). March 2006.

Some ideas on teaching English and social activism from College English, March 2006, a publication of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE).

What are some problems in using personal writing in composition courses?
How it relates to academic writing and intruding into students' lives. T Barnett CE (Mar. 06), 356.

Why read?
Paule Friere: "Reading the word can allow the oppressed to read the world." B Trabold. CE (Mar. 06), 403.

How do protesting writers produce their protests in the face of oppression?
Author wants to study how oppressed protesters get their message out in spite of heavy oppression by the authorities. Uses the example of the anti-apartheid South African Weekly Mail as an example. B Trabold. CE (Mar. 06), 382-406.

Is the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) liberal in its bias?
Only 10% of the audience perceives such a bias. E Ervin. CE (Mar. 06), 407.

Other topics. 1. The rhetoric of white awareness of racism. 2. On writing outside of one's field.

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