Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Writer (Wrt). November 2007.

RayS note: For some reason, none of these topics interested me to the extent that I wanted to read the articles. I am sure someone will be interested in these topics. You will need to buy The Writer, November 2007, edition.

Author discusses neologisms like "bling" and "throwback," and then creates one, "funished," meaning he had fun writing it and now it is completed.

Begin with character, not theme or plot.

Publishers' Web sites offer book previews.

The history of Longfellow's house.

"Grammar Vandal" photographs and puts on-line signs with grammatical mistakes. Now other people are sending their photos of grammatical errors on signs.

Grant writing.

Overseas Mom turns e-mails home into published essays.

Article on how a writer had to leave a setting she had grown attached to.

On the value of taking an MFA, Master of Fine Arts degree.

Make the most of minor characters in your fiction.

Movies about writers and writing--Capote, All the President's Men, Almost Famous, etc.

Descriptions of different characteristics of writers that hold the writer back.

Read intense writing in order to write intensely.

Rookie mistakes in writing.

Podcasting what you have written.

If you're going to write about teens, write about today's teens.

Specialize in some subject in order to find articles to write.

Review of a book on a writer's experience including her being "mentored" by Howard Fast.

Publishing articles on parenting.

Review of a magazine, Ecoton, dealing with ecology.

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