Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Writer (Wrt). October 2007.

Some ideas on writing from The Writer, a magazine that publishes advice on writing by writers.

What to do about the subjunctive?
"If it were...." "I wish I were...." The definition of the subjunctive is "contrary to fact." If you can't figure it out, write around it. "If it were I, I would do it" becomes "I know that I would do it." "I wish it were I who could do it" becomes "I wish I could do it." The author explains the basics of the subjunctive, but he pretty much says to follow the definition of "contrary to fact" for "If" and "wish" or write around it A Plotnik. Wrt (Oct. 07), 15-16.

What is magical realism?
Realistic setting and plot jarred by the appearance of the fantastic. Quotes from five authors on the genre of magical realism. Ed. by Paola Corgo. Wrt (Oct. 07), 19-23.

How make children's books believable?
Through research, in the library, online, talking with friends and experts, or just watching kids in action. K Lay. Wrt (Oct. 07), 26-27.

How market your books?
Write blogs to which readers can respond. E Wilhelm. Wrt (Oct. 07), 28-29.

How can writing a journal help your writing?
Makes writing a habit. Set inner editor and critic aside. Write letters. Organize into random thoughts and observations, collect snippets of conversations and comments, collect quotes that inspire you. Poems. DM Raab. Wrt (Oct. 07), 30-33.

How would you write a co-journal?
Two people write and respond to each other. Then get together and read what ever they have written. [Hawthorne and his wife did this.] J Lehman. Wrt (Oct. 07), 34.

What was Johnny Cash's advice to his daughter about writing?
"Write. Write. Write. And don't care what anyone thinks." JP Morrell. Wrt. (Oct. 07), 35.

Should you shift point of view?
This author says yes. Gives examples of effective shifts in point of view. TE Kennedy. Wrt. (Oct. 07), 37-40.

Other topics:
Persecuted writers find sanctuary in the U.S.
What to consider when choosing a "print-on-demand" company.
Rankings of influential people and writers are the stuff to make arguments.
Museums devoted to Edgar Allan Poe.
Promotional book videos.
Profile of a children's book writer.
About women poets and their topics.
A writer on how she writes.
Review of a book about the Transcendentalists.
Review of a book on writing biographies.
Writing for the home [do-it-yourself] and garden market.
Review of the Bellevue Literary Review, founded by three doctors.
Example of types of commercial writing for free lancing.

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