Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Topic: The Importance of Spelling and Grammar

10-second review: Questioner wonders what to do about an ambitious engineer who does not seem concerned about attention to spelling and grammar mistakes.

Title: “Can Poor Spelling Derail a Career?” Toddi Gutner. Wall street Journal (August 31, 2009), Internet.

Summary: The ambitious engineer needs to understand the impact poor spelling will have on his career. Lack of professionalism. May be acceptable in personal e-mails, but still not acceptable in the business world. Shows lack of attention to detail. Demonstrates immaturity and illiteracy. Boss might never get beyond the misspellings to find out that he’s a great engineer. There is a possibility he is dyslexic or has a learning disability in which case corporations are required to make accommodations for his problem.

What to do? He should print out all communications and check carefully for spelling and grammatical mistakes. Have colleague double-check his work. Try a continuing education or community college course.

: The old idea of reading backward from last word to first. He will note the details of every word. When you read from first word to last, your comprehension can pass over the details of every word and you will miss spelling mistakes and typos. Reading from first word to last word, however, is necessary to pick up grammatical mistakes. Note that the Wall Street Journal says that spelling and grammar are important. RayS.

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