Thursday, September 17, 2009

Topic: Literacy and Parents

10-second review: Teacher doesn’t tell parents what their children are doing. She shows them. Parents’ response? “I want more of this.”

Title: “ ‘What He Wanted Was Real Stories, But No One would Listen’: A Child’s Literacy. A Mother’s Understandings.” Language Arts (July 2008), 431-439. A publication of the Elementary Section of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE).

Quote: “Drawing on information I’d been collecting since early September, I read selections of their children’s dialogue from my observation notes. I played the video tape I’d recorded earlier in the day of their youngsters gathering in the story corner or chatting at the writing center. I displayed photos of the children while they’re at work and play. I offered copies of audio-taped transactions of their children’s comments and questions during story and discussion time.”

Comment: Shows the children at work via a variety of media. Probably the best way to show parents that their children are learning. Another way to demonstrate what the children are learning is to display the paperback booklets the children have written based on the children’s books the teacher has read aloud to them. At the bottom of each page is the text. At the top of each page are their hand-drawn pictures. RayS.

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