Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Topic: The "Mysteries" of Writing.

10-second review: “Peter Elbow speaks of ‘three mysteries at the heart of writing’: one, ‘from no words to words’; two, ‘figuring out what we really mean,’ even when we lack the right words to express what we mean; and three, ‘words that give’ meaning to readers more easily than others.” p. 828.

Title: “Perspectives: From Introspection to Action: Connecting Spirituality and Civic Engagement.” Gesa E. Kirsch. College Composition and Communication (June 2009), 827-828. A college publication of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE).

Quote: “They (the class) tell you that they enjoy reading each other’s writing and that you, as the teacher, are ‘the lucky one’ because you get to read all the essays while they only hear a sample during each workshop. And they are right: you can’t wait to read the next set of essays to see what topics they’ve tackled, what inspiration they’ve found, what journeys they’ll take you on.” p. 828.

: The reasons for teaching writing. Ever thought of displaying students’ writing around the room? Students will read other students’ compositions and gain some ideas about writing from them. RayS.

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