Monday, March 1, 2010

Topic: Fluency

10-second review: The importance of fluency in reading.

Title: “Laughing Through Re-reading: Using Joke Books to Build Fluency.” M Ness. Reading Teacher (May 2009), 691-694.

Quote: “Although fluency has been a traditionally overlooked component of reading development…, its inclusion in the Report of the National Reading Panel…has brought it to the forefront of conversations about effective reading instruction. Fluency is often defined as the ability to read with speed, accuracy and proper expression; fluent readers demonstrate accuracy in decoding, automatic word recognition, and prosody including intonation, expression and appropriate phrasing…. The instructional importance of fluency cannot be understated, as fluency is strongly correlated with reading comprehension….”

The author uses jokes in joke books to help students practice fluency. The jokes are short. The expression is vital to listeners understanding them.

Comment: Fluency is important. Re-reading jokes to improve expression sounds like a good idea. And it’s fun. RayS.

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