Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Topic: Neologisms

10-second review: Two websites that collect new words. Some examples: stu-com, gurgitator, mamarazzi, trout-pout, salvage, fangasm, climate porn, bozo explosion, poo X (poo cross), man cave, dog-collar worker, retrosexual.

Title: “New-Word Websites – Story Ideas.” M Peters. The Writer (December 2009), 26-27.

Answers: stupid comedy; competitive eater; moms taking too many photos of their kids; lips too pumped up by collagen injections; euphemism for assassination; trekkie-like joy; apocalyptic as in An Inconvenient Truth, useless employees trickling down from incompetent executive; mixed-poodle names like “Labradoodle”; area of house for men only; clergy person; little attention to grooming.

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