Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Topic: Habits of a Successful Writer.

10-second review: The author begins by saying that people around him are more knowledgeable, have more to say, have more talent, but they don’t publish and  he does. What are his habits for successful writing/publishing?

Title: “10 Habits of a Successful Writer.” DM Murray. The Writer (December 2009), 24-25. First published in 1992.

Summary: Awareness of the world around you. Reacting to the world around you. Connecting apparently disparate things. Writing in your head when not writing. Drafting: “Those who do NOT write wait until what they want to say is clear in their minds, and when they see it perfectly  they write it down.” That is what people do who do NOT publish.

Comment: Common sense about habits that encourage writing and publishing. RayS.

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