Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Archive Topic: Levels of Questioning in Reading Instruction.

Purpose of this blog: Review of interesting articles and ideas in English education journals, K-12.

10-second review: Interesting definitions of the types of questions in reading instruction. 

Title: “Analyzing and Discussing Children’s Literature Using Kohlberg’s Stages of Moral Development.” K Hoskisson and DS Biskin. Journal of Reading (November 1979), pp. 141-147.

“The following three types of questions are used in reflective thinking discussions:

Questions of fact, requiring the participants to offer quotations or paraphrases of the book. The facts are the words of the author even though there may be no correspondence with the facts in the real world.

Questions of interpretation, asking the participants to explore what the author means by what s/he has said. [Key word is “explore.” RayS.]

Questions of evaluation, requesting the participants to determine in what respects s/he agrees or disagrees with the author’s meaning, or to what extent the book has application to his/her own life.”

Comment: I thought these were interesting definitions for what the terms “fact,” “interpretation” and “evaluation” mean. RayS.

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