Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Topic: Tensions in the Classroom

Purpose of this blog: Review of interesting articles and ideas in recent English education journals, K-12.

10-second review: Every teacher has experienced them—tensions with students and between students and students during discussions. Suggests that we need to identify these tensions and discuss them.

Title: “Critical Conversations: Tensions and Opportunities of the Dialogic Classroom.” Bob Fecho, et al. English Education (July 2010), 427-447.

Comment: This is the first time I have encountered the topic of tensions in the classroom. It set off in me a chain of memories of tensions I have experienced in the classroom. Of course, I did nothing about them. Dealt with them in some way and moved on. This article suggests that I try, together with the class, to identify them. It’s open-ended in that no single solution for dealing with the tensions exists. But deal with them you—and I—should. Identifying the tensions will be a learning experience even though the participants become uncomfortable and vulnerable. An interesting article. Rays.

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