Friday, June 10, 2011

Dealing with Those in Leadership Roles

Question: When you have a request or an idea for something, how should you approach the principal, supervisor, assistant superintendent or superintendent?

Answer: Three little words. KEEP IT SHORT!

Comment: I once knew a principal of a high school who used to say to me when I had an idea, “You’ve got three minutes.” In order to sell the idea, I had to organize my thoughts, my pitch, and make a presentation within three minutes. Promptly at three-minutes, the principal would bring the interview to a close, with his answer: “Yes.” “Think about it some more and come back to see me later.” Or “No, I’m sorry.”

Leaders are busy people. They cannot be bothered with long-winded, disorganized salesmanship.

Have an idea? KEEP IT SHORT! RayS.

Title of the article that suggested this advice: “The Basics of Writer Etiquette.” Staton Rabin. The Writer (May 2011), pp. 30-31.

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