Thursday, June 23, 2011

Literacy Narratives

Question: What do narratives written by students reveal about their literacy training in school?

Answer: They reveal with honesty their problems in their literacy training in schools. In one case, for example, a student revealed how being forced to write and forced to use such techniques as pre-writing made her hate to write and she no longer writes her stories that came so naturally to her.

Quote: “Overall, we should be deliberate and intentional as we design our literacy narrative assignments, for it is our role to ensure that the process of composing a literacy narrative teaches students about their literate lives….” P. 629.

Comment: At several points during the school year, students should write narratives about their training in literacy in school. Will help the teacher learn what works and will also learn how individual students respond to this training. RayS.

Title: “Successes, Victims, and Prodigies: ‘Master’ and “little’ Cultural Narrative in the Literacy Narrative Genre.” KP Alexandrete. College Composition and Communication (June 2011),608-633.

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